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                           This blog is designed to bring to you the latest news, nostalgic song lyrics and my thought about various subjects like science,technology,society and mythology.This is my seventh blog and I have made sure to give my best to ensure that you find these pages interesting and informative.
                           About me,I am just a regular Indian teenager who likes to think and to write my thoughts.I want to share my thoughts aloud and this seems to be the biggest platform that is available to me.So thank you Blogger and Google for giving this opportunity for sharing my thoughts aloud.
                         I also feel to write about India its culture, myths and about interesting places in India that you would love to visit.Sure India holds many secrets in its robes just for you to discover and I would like to be a guide in this adventurous journey.
                          Presently I am a student pursuing a B.Tech degree in Engineering one of the nice institutions of India.Hopes to see you around.


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