Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waste management-Wealth from Waste-A Different Story

What all come to our mind when we think about Waste!! bad,ugly,smelly pictures isn't it .But the story that Venugopal has to say is a different one.The story of how he cultivated wealth out of waste.There was a time when the bottles and plastics dropped by tourists at Athirappally waterfalls were making headache for its authorities and destroying the natural beauty of the place. Venugopal advised not to buy new machines costing lakhs of rupees but to put their mind into it.When they did it perfectly,what they earned by selling those waste was Rs.2 Lakhs just in the last year without causing any harm to nature.

The Clean Kerala Exhibition at AJ Hall in Kaloor,Kochi,Ernakulam provided him with a free stall to take his idea to the people.The exhibition is running as a huge success and here are several pictures from there.


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