Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hindu Mythology and Modern World

This topic has been there in my mind for quite sometime.Today the time has come to share it with you friends.Hinduism as we know is just not a religion,it is a tradition and a way of life.I have always wondered about where its roots lie, how it originated.Its like a long rope of which we can just see parts but neither the start nor the end.
             There are many things in Hindu Mythology which makes us wonder whether we are really in the most technologically advanced age of mankind or is it just that we are finding bits and pieces of what we have lost in strangleholds of time.I have certain reasons for believing so and that's exactly the reason why I want to share it with you.
            First,the Hindu Mythology tells us about Gandhari,wife of king Dhritharashtra who gave birth to a piece of flesh which was cut into 101 parts and put in pots and that grew to be their 100 sons and a daughter.I think this might just ring a bell in your head."Are they really trying to say about cloning which we claim as one of the greatest inventions by the twentieth century man".Think on it.
             Now we can go to the Second,The Ramayana,holy book of Hindus tells us about a magnificent flying vehicle of Ravana,the great Asura ruler known as Pushpaka Vimaan.If we think about it,OK if we think about it maybe we can it has one of the dreams of every homo-sapien who has ever set his foot on Earth to soar into the sky.But can just a story go that viral that it is passed through a hundred generations.It can only be if the people believed it really and that would be because there was a clear cut proof for it.But it might have hided in the kaalayavanika or the closing curtains of time so that no one finds it again.
             Third is in Mahabharatha,holy book of Hindus where it tells about a specific astra or arrow possessed by the legendary hero Arjuna  called the Brahmastra. It is believed to have been like a thousand suns shining at the same time.A similar account has been given by a person who saw the bombing of Hiroshima.That's it.
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              You sure can question the accountability of these things but it still rings a and raises a thousand questions in your head.India is not just the country which found zero,but also a country which held one of the earliest civilizations of man and it's a place which holds a thousands secrets in its robes.
              But the question that I want raise here is whether we are just rediscovering things again and again.Is it just a cycle like the most other things.Is it just like the seasons the seasons come and go.I cant tell because nowadays even seasons are misbehaving.Now it's time for you to think.Think because it can bring you a step closer to the door of truth and you just might find things that you craved to know just beyond it.
Also think and let me know about your thoughts


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