Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nature Conservation: The New Tempest

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Source:Seattle Municipal Archives
Man is meant to be the foremost brilliant form of life within the earth.But now a days will it appear thus.Man is getting aloof from his ways, from what he very is.He's once after.Money a issue that he created.It looks to be terribly stupid that now a days man is in love with cash, a synthetic thing created by none apart from himself jilting nature his mother and his final resting place. Nature brought him up. Nature is what he's and he's the one who gets results of what happens to nature.

 Several movies shows man once exploiting all the natural resources goes to space in an artificial satellite however all is aware of that it's impracticable. If there's no nature then there's no man however it's turning out to be too late. i do know someday he can perceive this once it happens mankind are going to be within the verge of extinction however if it's destined to be like that nobody can change that, that's nature. Man extincts nature. however nature can't be destroyed. Nature isn't simply plants and trees. they're simply a part of nature.When they area unit hamper nature can notice a replacement thanks to move. however what regarding man , if there's no greens there'll be no man.Its simply that the thus known as most magnificent civilization are going to be extinct.

       Man does not understand he's cutting the same branch within which he is sitting. this could cause his own extinction however currently it seems to be inevitable. once each man and nature goes extinct, the nature cycle starts once more in a very new direction.Man does not care regarding the greens because he thinks it's not necessary however once he realizes that it's himself that he's losing he can walk back to the greens.Let us simply pray that this happens as shortly as attainable.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Onam Everyone..!!! with Pookalam and Payasam

Payasam,Source:Divya Kudua
Happy Onam Everyone..!!!
Wishing you a colourful Onam with lot of payasams
 (sweet), pookalams(decorations) and games.
Time of festivity for every malayali.
Remembrance of the Great King Mahabali.
Remembrance of a time when there is only happiness
everywhere & everyone are equal.
Festival without cast or creed.
Decorating houses with colourful pookalams.
Eating delicious sadyas.
Drinking sweet Payasams.
Going out with Friends.
And New Movie first releases on T.V.'s .
And that's what is Onam is for me.
Wishing everone around the world a very happy
 and prosperous onam!!!

Mahabali,Source:bijoy mohan

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Aurora: The Greatest Show on Earth

                                Beautiful Northern Lights

It has been life long cherished dream of mine to see these wonderful display of light.The wondrous and mysterious combinations of greens, blues and reds are really the Things of Beauty. I don't know who was the first man to see it but I know for sure that he might have believed what he saw was God and nothing else.
Aurora, The Greatest Show on Earth,Source:Moyan Brenn
According to science, an aurora is a natural display of light caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in atmosphere.But I beg to differ because I think it God made it himself to be put it as the Greatest Show on Earth.Anyone who has a different opinion please have a look at these images and send your comments to me.
Source:Image Editor
Source:Moyan Brenn
Source:Image Editor

Source:Moyan Brenn
Source:Nick Russil

 I think God put up some simple things  behind it so man can put it up with a "scientific reason".Anyway I think really is supposed to be the Greatest show on Earth created by God or some form of energy that you believe in because if not then how can they be that much extraordinarily wonderful thing to watch.

Can Dinosaurs come back??

Can Dinosaurs come back??

   We might have thought at some time or the other that ,"Okay, the dinosaurs are extinct and all but can they come back,could those big boys step in again".Yeah, I too thought about it for a long while before knowing this.
Dinosaurs,Extinct,Earth,Aliens, Science,Life,Source:epSos.de
 Now  there is only low amount of oxygen in the atmosphere in Earth for  reptiles to grow to those big sizes.So their is slightest possibility that those kind of monstrous size creatures can walk on the surface of Earth again.But there is another possibility they can be created by laboratory methods.

Can aliens be really there??

Dinosaurs,Extinct,Earth,Aliens, Science,Life,Source:frankula
   There is a strong possibility that there is alien life in planets that we have never known, because we already know that the basic component of life, DNA is found on meteorites and places where these types of meteors have fallen under sufficient  conditions can start life anywhere in this universe.

So can there be a planet where species which became extinct from the face of Earth maybe living.If we can find technology to get to any part of universe in sufficient time we may again see the fierce Dinosaurs,the poor Dodos,the Sabre-tooth and passenger pigeons.And somewhere far far away a the first of men maybe accidentally discovering fire now.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Renaissance of Indian Culture and Ethics


Why is India losing its Culture and Ethics. the problem of loss of culture and values of the India (India) are some things nearly everyone folks has thought of a minimum of once. The metropolis case has shown us the extent to which individuals are losing their distinctive quality, humanity that distinguishes us from animals.Sure,the criminals ought to be chastened with the one that the society suggests. however with simply punishments will we alter these rotten minds.No, it's here once we ought to rely on the basis of the matter.


                             I know, if you think that it's not that tough to search out out the foundation reason for it, it's the loss of affection for the state. it's one in all the most important issues that today's society faces. Then you'd be speculative however nationalism will be an answer to the increasing range of socially evil and abominable incidents happening currently in India. nationalism is that the one quality which may lead the society from unhealthy to smart, that makes us accountable and makes us conscious of the duties towards the state and most of all makes us able to see all folks as brothers and sisters. simply this could take the country from ruins to riches each in cash and in pride. This pride will create us pleased with being an Indian, one thing that's losing within the young generation of today's India. This successively will make them reluctant towards the Non-Indian trends that's currently growing in India.
       I simply cannot notice a reason and run far from this because I do believe it so I ought to find ways that to be better we must always begin it somewhere. It will be blogs, speeches, discussions or simply the faith in it. therefore friends begin it somewhere and provides India the wings of nationalism with that she will be able to carry us to nice distances.
 we will be the best and show the way to be the best. Then we actually will be true Indians, sons and daughters of a great Mother. it's solely then we will very love the wonder of the mighty Ganges River, resist the flow of black cash that is destroying the economy of India  and love others as we love ourselves.Just dream regarding it, how rattling it'll be. Dream because solely dreams becomes reality and understand that each one our dreams can for certain come true, if we've got the courageousness to pursue them.

J.K.Rowling scriptwriter for Harry Potter based Film


          Author of the World Mega Hit young adult novel 'Harry Potter', J.K.Rowling turns scriptwriter for film based on Harry Potter supplementary book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". 

Source:Daniel Ogren ,JK Rowling(HP)Harry Potter Film
               This is her debut project as a scriptwriter.She turns to this project after her first adult novel 'The Casual Vacancy'.
                  She  says, "As I considered Warners' proposal, an idea took shape that I couldn't dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros".She continues,"This film is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world".The story is to be set 70 years before HP comes underway.

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Ultimate Free Engineering Notes

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 Source:OregonDot,Blog on engineering(engineering notes) free laser notes

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waste management-Wealth from Waste-A Different Story

What all come to our mind when we think about Waste!! bad,ugly,smelly pictures isn't it .But the story that Venugopal has to say is a different one.The story of how he cultivated wealth out of waste.There was a time when the bottles and plastics dropped by tourists at Athirappally waterfalls were making headache for its authorities and destroying the natural beauty of the place. Venugopal advised not to buy new machines costing lakhs of rupees but to put their mind into it.When they did it perfectly,what they earned by selling those waste was Rs.2 Lakhs just in the last year without causing any harm to nature.

The Clean Kerala Exhibition at AJ Hall in Kaloor,Kochi,Ernakulam provided him with a free stall to take his idea to the people.The exhibition is running as a huge success and here are several pictures from there.

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Ultimate Science of Global Warming

Friends, these days i might wish to draw your attention to the final word reason of worldwide warming, it's owing to deposition of unvaluable energy as its mass equivalent on the planet.This happens as a result of, as you recognize, that energy from sun are reborn to mass on Earth.I have on paper verified this below in easy words.

Earth,planet,global warming,blog,science,Source: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

        The ozone layer reflects a part of the solar power. this is often what makes our planet visible from space within the same means that the moon and also the alternative members of the universe are visible to us, despite their lack of an inner supply of light.On the typical but, the Earth's reflectivity is concerning 0.3. This fraction of incoming radiation is mirrored into space.
 The other 0.7 a part of the incoming radiation is absorbed by our planet.The total solar power absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land lots is or so three,850,000 *10^18 J p.a..
 so after reflection seventieth of this energy remains in Earth that is:0.7*3,850,000=2,695,000*10^18 J.
 this may be deposited as its mass equivalent on the layer.
 Here we'll use a mass-energy relation.

 in line with Einstein's law: E(Energy)=m(Mass)*c^2(c-speed of sunshine in vacuum)
                   From that,E / m = c^2 = (3*10^8)^2 = eighty nine,875,517,873,681,764 J/kg 
                                                                                                         (˜9.0 × 1016 joules per kilogram).
 thus once this energy is reborn to mass,amount of weight unit absorbed by Earth=2.9 × 10^7 weight unit.

                             This energy is deposited on Earth as its equivalent mass.
 thus we will recognize that mass of Earth is increasing.
            Then you'll assume that we will use this abundant energy.But this perhaps a dangerous liability.
 it's as a result of this perhaps the reason for numerous issues just like the warming that are currently arising within the Earth.So i feel we must always attempt to dispose this abundant unusable energy or the mass equivalent from the planet.                                                                                                                                  Friends please post your valuable comments on this science post.