Sunday, 15 September 2013

Can Dinosaurs come back??

Can Dinosaurs come back??

   We might have thought at some time or the other that ,"Okay, the dinosaurs are extinct and all but can they come back,could those big boys step in again".Yeah, I too thought about it for a long while before knowing this.
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 Now  there is only low amount of oxygen in the atmosphere in Earth for  reptiles to grow to those big sizes.So their is slightest possibility that those kind of monstrous size creatures can walk on the surface of Earth again.But there is another possibility they can be created by laboratory methods.

Can aliens be really there??

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   There is a strong possibility that there is alien life in planets that we have never known, because we already know that the basic component of life, DNA is found on meteorites and places where these types of meteors have fallen under sufficient  conditions can start life anywhere in this universe.

So can there be a planet where species which became extinct from the face of Earth maybe living.If we can find technology to get to any part of universe in sufficient time we may again see the fierce Dinosaurs,the poor Dodos,the Sabre-tooth and passenger pigeons.And somewhere far far away a the first of men maybe accidentally discovering fire now.


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