Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nature Conservation: The New Tempest

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Source:Seattle Municipal Archives
Man is meant to be the foremost brilliant form of life within the earth.But now a days will it appear thus.Man is getting aloof from his ways, from what he very is.He's once after.Money a issue that he created.It looks to be terribly stupid that now a days man is in love with cash, a synthetic thing created by none apart from himself jilting nature his mother and his final resting place. Nature brought him up. Nature is what he's and he's the one who gets results of what happens to nature.

 Several movies shows man once exploiting all the natural resources goes to space in an artificial satellite however all is aware of that it's impracticable. If there's no nature then there's no man however it's turning out to be too late. i do know someday he can perceive this once it happens mankind are going to be within the verge of extinction however if it's destined to be like that nobody can change that, that's nature. Man extincts nature. however nature can't be destroyed. Nature isn't simply plants and trees. they're simply a part of nature.When they area unit hamper nature can notice a replacement thanks to move. however what regarding man , if there's no greens there'll be no man.Its simply that the thus known as most magnificent civilization are going to be extinct.

       Man does not understand he's cutting the same branch within which he is sitting. this could cause his own extinction however currently it seems to be inevitable. once each man and nature goes extinct, the nature cycle starts once more in a very new direction.Man does not care regarding the greens because he thinks it's not necessary however once he realizes that it's himself that he's losing he can walk back to the greens.Let us simply pray that this happens as shortly as attainable.


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