Friday, 30 August 2013

The Winning Losers

     So this is the second day of my blogging and today I want to discuss with you the subject that I think has been most discussed in the world but has the potential to be discussed till the ultimatum of life.
success,Source:Alosh Bennet

It is nothing but failure.According to me,failure is one of the basic and essential component of life.You cannot be without failure.If one day you suddenly find that you don't have problems then you should that  you might not be in the right path.Follow your dreams and failures will come to follow you,face them but don't be stubborn enough to overcome failures only after facing them.The sign of intelligence is in learning from others mistakes so that you can go forward at a better pace.But as they say it is not the height to which you get to but the height to which you rebounds after a failure that determines your success.So you should always be determined and stubborn enough to reach your goal without giving space for distractions.

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