Sunday, 15 September 2013

Aurora: The Greatest Show on Earth

                                Beautiful Northern Lights

It has been life long cherished dream of mine to see these wonderful display of light.The wondrous and mysterious combinations of greens, blues and reds are really the Things of Beauty. I don't know who was the first man to see it but I know for sure that he might have believed what he saw was God and nothing else.
Aurora, The Greatest Show on Earth,Source:Moyan Brenn
According to science, an aurora is a natural display of light caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in atmosphere.But I beg to differ because I think it God made it himself to be put it as the Greatest Show on Earth.Anyone who has a different opinion please have a look at these images and send your comments to me.
Source:Image Editor
Source:Moyan Brenn
Source:Image Editor

Source:Moyan Brenn
Source:Nick Russil

 I think God put up some simple things  behind it so man can put it up with a "scientific reason".Anyway I think really is supposed to be the Greatest show on Earth created by God or some form of energy that you believe in because if not then how can they be that much extraordinarily wonderful thing to watch.


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